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Hiring Chinese Employees Through a Professional Staffing Company

Talent Spot Employee Leasing/Talent Dispatch services allow the Representative Office (Rep Office) or foreign companies who has no legal entity in China safely and legally hire Chinese employees in China or for other specific circumstances where a direct employment contract is not desired or feasible.

Other than obeying the Chinese law requirements, hiring a Chinese employee through a professional staffing company (instead of a regular local company) brings following benefits to the international employer.

1. Payroll and Benefit

2. Contracting and on-boarding

3. Personal tax calculation and withholding

4. Cash distribution

5. Business expense reimbursement

6. Monthly invoices and reminder

7. Labor law advice and reminder

Engaging with Talent Spot will gain

1. Solve your HR headache and save your time

2. Out of trouble with local Chinese law and labor regulation

3. Save employee's time and energy handling his/her payroll

4. Add a useful broker (custodial) between you and employee

5. Satisfy your employee with timely pay and benefits

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