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China Labor Law

11, 2023
China’s Working Hour System
China Working Hour System is the working hour law, policy, regulation etc. in China, which is divided into standard working hour system and special working hour system. China's working hour system...
11, 2023
China 2024 Holiday Arrangements
With the approval of The State Council, the specific arrangements for the New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day ...
10, 2019
The Complete Guide to China's Social Security System
Social security is a complicated but unavoidable issue in the employer-employee relationship management for businesses operating in China.
05, 2019
Free Webinar-How to Penetrate China's Market With Lower Risks
China's market entry challenges have become a significant importance for many enterprises. China's rapidly evolving labor market, reform of employment models, increase in incomes, as well as t...
10, 2018
Top 10 Questions for 2018 China's New Individual Income Tax That HR Cares About Most
In the previous article, we posted the "New Regulations about China's Individual Income Law." This is a big news for HR in China, because the new changes and rules can impact the company...
07, 2018
China Has Released an Eased Negative List for Foreign Investment
China has just announced an version of a negative list to ease the foreign investment rules, removing restrictions to a wider range of sectors including banking, car manufacturing and agriculture as t...
06, 2018
China Published Guidelines on Overseas Investment-Part II
Three Investment Categories:1.EncouragedOverseas Investments"Qualified and capable" Chinese companies are encouraged to actively engage in:- Belt and Road investments and related infrastruct...
06, 2018
China Published Guidelines on Overseas Investment-Part I
China's State Council published a set of investment guidelines (Guidelines) formulated by four key regulators – the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, People's ...
06, 2018
China Plans to Increase Personal Income Tax Threshold
In an attempt to stimulate consumer spending, China is carrying out its first major tax reform in the last seven years. The country plans to raise the minimum threshold for personal income tax.The Chi...
06, 2018
China Introduces Short-term Hassle-free Work Permits
If you are bothered by the issue of work permit for the foreign employees, you may need to take look at the new short- term work permit regulations released by China government. China has introduced a...