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Case Study on China Recruitment: Global Cosmetic Enterprise

Client's Background

Our client is a leading French cosmetic group, they merged with a local private company in China, and they planned to rebuild a plant as their Asia-Pacific headquarters.

What are the client's challenges and requirements?

Our assignment was to set up the management team from manager to director for key functions.

1. The candidates were mainly sourced from leading consumer firms operating in China. Our primary focus was to search for candidates in the East China Region. Since the talents tend to be based in Shanghai, our challenge was to identify candidates who were flexible enough to commute to Suzhou on a daily basis or relocate to the city.

2. Finding executive talents for different key functions with a pressed timeline was another major challenge for this project.


First, we set up a project team, each consultant focused on a specific function. At the same time, we made company target -lists for corresponding functions. If candidates cannot be shortlisted in the primary target list, we also prepared a second-tier company target list as a backup for the client to choose from.

We then completed talent mapping for each targeted company, an organizational chart was created and comprehensive career information was collected. The purpose was to identify a list of all possible candidates, who were relevant to be considered for future positions within an organization.

As the results of the information were gathered through talent mapping, we approached these talents and identified a selection of potential qualified candidates.

Due to the lack of brand awareness in China, we talked to candidates about the employer's brand through the recruitment process. Helping candidates to have a better understanding of the employer's brand and also strengthen the brand image of the client company in the industry.

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Within six months of taking on this challenge, our team successfully secured the new management team for the client, we even filled the positions for individual functions including marketing, sales, supply chain, and other supporting functions.

Through this assignment, we also won the “Best Annual Partner” award issued by our client to commend our remarkable performance in this recruitment service.

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