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EOR/Dispatching Service

EOR/Dispatching Service means that the dispatching company provides human resources services to the employer within the scope of laws and regulations by signing a dispatch contract with the employer, and the dispatched employees perform the post tasks in the employer. EOR/Dispatching Service is a model that part or all of the work of human resource management to the dispatching company to reduce the pressure of human resource management of the employer. Talent Spot is a professional EOR provider and provides excellent global employment outsourcing services.

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EOR/Dispatching Service

Advantages of EOR/Dispatching Service

Advantages of EOR/Dispatching Service
  • Reduce the stress of HR routine chores

  • Address the limitations of corporate staffing issues

  • Meet the employment needs of enterprises in temporary, auxiliary, alternative, and other short-term positions

  • Improve HR's communication efficiency for employees in the above positions

Talent Spot's EOR Staffing Service Offer

Any of these challenges/situations?
  • Experiencing fluctuations in your business activities (i.e.: special projects, seasonal peaks)
  • Needing additional support to accomplish special projects
  • Having permanent employees asking for long-term absences (i.e.: maternity leaves, illness, sabbatical year, military duties, etc.)
  • The project team failed to achieve desired targets, due to a lack of manpower resources
  • High employee turnover
  • Having a restricted budget for hiring of full-time employees/new employees
We can help you to solve these:
  • RESPOND to the labour demand for any of your short-term projects
  • ADJUST more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations
  • SURPASS/GO BEYOND conventional limits within the company's organization structure
  • ENSURE compliance with local labour laws and regulations
  • ELIMINATE all risks and responsibilities within the employment process
  • IMPROVE your business productivity
  • FOCUS on your bottom line/core business activities
  • REDUCE unnecessary costs
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