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ESS: Executive Search Service by Industries

ESS: Executive Search Service by Industries

This kind of service is mainly for senior positions, we find and recommend the most suitable talent to customers through a wide network of resources/databases, to help customers quickly and accurately find the talents they need.

Executive Search Service by Industries

General Manufacturing

FMCG & Retail

Healthcare & Life

Telecommunications & Semiconductor


Energy & Chemical

Entertainment & Hospitality

Professional Services

General Manufacturing Executive Search
The team focuses primarily on the manufacturing sector, which includes the electronics, automotive, machinery, and materials industries. Due to our 20 years of expertise, we are confident in our ability to provide top-notch candidates and services for R&D, operation, engineering, sales, business development, and marketing roles. We have a large pool of talent in SEA and mainland China.
FMCG & Retail Executive Search
The team has served the FMCG and retail industries in Mainland China and Hong Kong for 20 years. During that time, we have placed numerous regional and Chinese jobs and successfully collaborated with world-class MNCs. We are confident in our ability to meet all client recruitment needs.
Healthcare & Life Sciences Executive Search
The team has spent more than ten years concentrating on the recruitment of professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We are experts in R&D, clinical operations, and medical-related roles, and we also have extensive experience in the search and selection of C-level executives, including CMO, CSO, CEO, CHO, and CFO. I've closed a lot of jobs for MNCs, publicly traded pharmaceutical companies, start-up biotechs, etc.
Telecommunications & Semiconductor Executive Search
With a strong talent base in major cities in Mainland China, Taiwan, SEA, North America, and Europe, the team primarily services the semiconductor sector (encompassing EDA/IC/semiconductor equipment/semiconductor seal test, etc.). Customers include internationally known foreign corporations, domestic large/startup businesses, and national enterprises. We have more than ten consultants, all of whom have engineering backgrounds and are well skilled.
Education Executive Search
The team has more than 14 years of expertise and more than five consultants in the field of executive search, with a particular focus on the international education sector. We have filled more than 100 positions for international schools in China, have built up a solid network, and can always be counted on to provide high-quality service.
Energy & Chemical Executive Search
With approximately 20 years of expertise, the team primarily concentrates on the New Energy & Chemical industries, and we are confident in our ability to supply high-quality candidates and services in R&D, Operation, Engineering, Sales, BD, and Marketing areas. We have a large pool of talent in SEA and mainland China.
Entertainment & Hospitality Executive Search
The group has more than ten years' worth of experience in China's entertainment and hospitality industries, working with prestigious IP owners, high-end hotels, theme parks, and other top tourist sites. We have experience in placing executives in these fields and are confident in our abilities.
Professional Services Executive Search
The Professional Services team focuses on providing services to businesses engaged in business consulting, auditing, law, and market research. Consultants have successfully placed many high-caliber candidates in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Singapore over the course of more than ten years.

What Is The Process Of An Executive Search Engagement?

  • ​Demand Analysis
  • ​Preliminary Screening
  • ​Interview Arrangements
  • ​Candidate Evaluation
  • ​Salary Negotiation
  • Recommendation Report
  • Follow-up Communication
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​Demand Analysis
​Demand Analysis

We first need to understand the needs of customers, including the job, responsibilities, skill requirements, salary range, and other information.

​Preliminary Screening
​Preliminary Screening

According to the needs of customers, we will screen candidates' resumes and initially screen out qualified candidates.

​Interview Arrangements
​Interview Arrangements

We will arrange interviews with initially qualified candidates, which may include telephone interviews, video interviews, or face-to-face interviews.

​Candidate Evaluation
​Candidate Evaluation

During the interview process, the headhunting company will evaluate the professional skills, communication skills, work experience, and other aspects of the candidate to determine whether it meets the needs of the client.

​Salary Negotiation
​Salary Negotiation

If the candidate meets the client's needs, the executive search firm will conduct salary negotiations with the candidate to determine whether their salary requirements are in line with the salary range provided by the client.

Recommendation Report
Recommendation Report

If the candidate meets the needs of the client, we will recommend the candidate to the client, and provide the client with a detailed recommendation report, including the candidate's resume, interview evaluation, salary, and other information.

Follow-up Communication
Follow-up Communication

If the client is interested in the recommended candidate, we will arrange further interviews or background checks, etc., and provide the client with ongoing communication and support.

Why Should Organizations Use Executive Search Services?

  • We help our clients to avoid risks: find the right talents and avoid the risks caused by improper employment.

  • Help our clients to improve recruitment efficiency: We have a wide network of talents, can quickly find the right candidate, save the time and energy of enterprises to recruit on their own, and improve recruitment efficiency.

  • Provide professional recruitment services: We have an experienced recruitment team, that can provide professional recruitment services, including demand analysis, talent search, interview, background investigation, etc.

  • Provide market insight and competitive intelligence: We pay close attention to market trends and industry changes and can provide clients with sensitive information about competitors and talent trends to help companies develop talent recruitment and development strategies.

Protect the privacy and reputation of the company: Headhunting companies strictly abide by the principles of professional ethics and confidentiality, can protect the security and confidentiality of customer information, and increase the reputation and professional image of the company.

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Why Should Organizations Use Executive Search Services?
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