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China 2024 Holiday Arrangements

With the approval of The State Council, the specific arrangements for the New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays in 2024 are notified as follows.


1. New Year Day: January 1 holiday, and weekends off.

2. The Spring Festival: February 10 to 17, total 8 days. February 4 (Sunday), February 18 (Sunday) work. It is encouraged to arrange paid annual leave for employees to rest on New Year's Eve (February 9).

3. Tomb-Sweeping Day: April 4 to 6 holiday, total 3 days. April 7 (Sunday) work.

4. Labor Day: May 1 to 5 holiday, total 5 days. April 28 (Sunday), May 11 (Saturday) work.

5. Dragon Boat Festival: June 10 holiday, and weekend off.

6. Mid-Autumn Festival: September 15 to 17 holiday, total 3 days. September 14 (Saturday) work.

7. National Day: October 1 to 7 days off, a total of 7 days. September 29 (Sunday), October 12 (Saturday) work.


By General Office of the State Council

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