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Benefits for Outsourcing the Payroll in China

The local payroll provider can help in dealing with the complexity as China have different policies and regulation and its difficult for a small foreign Company in China to know all the rules and regulations of each province and city.

Relieving administrative burdens so you can focus on your core HR processes

It helps the Company reduce the tedious paperwork and extensive communication with the local Social Security Bureau, Housing Fund Bureau and any other local authorities.

Minimizing or eliminating the need for an in-house HR operation team

It lowers labor costs and helps in substantial savings because SMEs in China only need a admin to be the contact person, no need to hire in-house HR people to handle the payroll, social security fund and public housing fund. If you would like to know the labor cost in China,Talent Spot payroll outsourcing  can help you easily calculate the labor cost breakdown.

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