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Talent Spot Human Resource Practical Cases

Two Case Studies on How Talent Spot Helps Overseas Businesses Enter China Market
To enter the Chinese market, to carry out business is full of returns and challenges: Lots of legal restrictions and regulatory constraints, Continuously rising labor costs, Tedious process of registering a legal entity.
Case Study on Recruitment: Australia's Leading Healthcare Company Entering China
Talent Spot International is a one-stop human resources service provider for solutions that aid foreign businesses in quickly starting and growing operations in China.
Case Study on China Recruitment: Indian Unicorn Company Entering China
How did a new brand of Internet O2O in China, compete with many old Internet companies for talent in the early stage and successfully recruit the favored talents? What role did Talent Spot play?
Case Study on China Recruitment: Global Cosmetic Enterprise
Our client is a leading French cosmetic group, they merged with a local private company in China, and they planned to rebuild a plant as their Asia-Pacific headquarters.
Case Study on RPO
The world's largest industrial company chose to improve regional sales and technical strength with more than 100 professionals in over 15 cities across Greater China.
Talent Spot One-Stop HR Services In APAC
Talent Spot provides multinational enterprises with one-stop HR services in the Asia-Pacific Region to assist them in achieving ''Global Deployment and Local Management'' and decreasing cost and risk.
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