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CNB System Set-up

The design and management of salary and welfare systems is one of the important tasks of enterprise human resource management, the purpose is to better attract, motivate, and retain excellent employees, and improve the competitiveness and sustainable development ability of enterprises.

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CNB System Set-up

Why is CNB System Set-up Important?

Attracting and Retaining Talent

A well-designed CNB system helps attract top talent by offering competitive compensation packages, and it also plays a vital role in retaining skilled employees.

Motivation and Engagement

It motivates employees by recognizing their contributions through fair and rewarding compensation structures, leading to increased job satisfaction and engagement.


An effective CNB system enhances the company's competitiveness in the job market, ensuring it can compete for the best candidates and retain existing high-performing employees.

Sustainable Growth

By aligning compensation with performance and business goals, the CNB system supports the company's sustainable growth and long-term success.

CNB System Set-up Detail

CNB System Set-up Detail

Establishing a comprehensive Compensation and Benefits (CNB) system is a fundamental component of effective human resource management, serving the dual purpose of attracting and retaining top talent while bolstering an organization's competitiveness and long-term sustainability. To achieve this, a well-structured CNB system begins with a meticulous job analysis and evaluation process, laying the groundwork for equitable pay structures. Regular market research ensures that the compensation and benefits remain competitive within the industry. Within this system, base salaries are structured transparently, reflecting job evaluations and market benchmarks. Variable pay components, linked to individual and team performance, serve as motivating incentives. A comprehensive benefits package, including healthcare, retirement, and leave benefits, caters to employees' diverse needs. Effective communication ensures that employees recognize the full value of their rewards. This CNB system should be compliant with labor laws, integrated with performance management, and continuously reviewed and refined to maintain alignment with organizational objectives and foster a sustainable, engaged, and high-performing workforce.

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