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Salary Rise of 8-15% for Skilled Talents in China

Skilled professionals in China are receiving an average pay rise of 8 to 15 percent this year as demand for talents continues in the information technology sector.

However, with desired skills such as leadership capabilities, on-the-job experience and language proficiency can receive up to a 25 percent rise in salary.

The pay rise and growth in recruitment this year will continue to be as active as last year as employers pursue a small pool of workers with strong technical and business skills, the firm said from analysis of job placements and interviews with firms and job seekers.

The IT sector will continue to outperform and drive growth in 2016 as demand will be particularly high for specialists, mobile engineers and software developers.

Anticipating high levels of hiring activity will continue throughout 2016. Many companies are still positive when it comes to their hiring activities.

Demand for professionals in digital marketing, client relationship management and e-commerce continues to exceed the supply of candidates as online businesses in China are set to grow rapidly, according to Shanghai Daily's report.

So far this year, 11 regions in China have published their respective 'Salary Guidelines for Enterprises'. Formulated by provincial and local level governments according to the year's economic development, the guidelines are published annually and are intended to provide a reference for wage increases by percentage over base salary levels. Below, we detail the reference base line across each of the 11 regions released so far, as well as their recommended "upper" and "lower" guideline.

China enterprise salary guidelines 2015/2016

(Resource Reference: China's Briefing)

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