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Two Case Studies on How Talent Spot Helps Overseas Businesses Enter China Market

Case 1 Background

This client was a famous British iconic fast food brand, who would like to open their first shop in China in 2013, the entire WOFE setup process took more than 10 months, and they needed to hire the staff to work for them before WOFE was fully established. According to Chinese law, employers can not directly hire any employee without a legal entity in China.

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Case 2 Background

The client was a turbo machinery technology enterprise, that would like to enter China Market in 2015. Due to various factors, their registration process took more than 12 months. During this period, there was only one locally hired general manager in Greater China.

They were unfamiliar with the HR side of the framework governed by Chinese Labor law. Support was needed in order for GM to start working in China legally during the registration period.

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