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Categories of Foreigners are Exempted from Employment licenses and Permits

Employers and foreign employees must implement relevant government policies and rules strictly, complete relevant employment application, examination and approval procedures to ensure the legitimacy of the employment. Without permission, units and individuals who employ aliens or aliens employed in China shall be punished by the labor and public security administrative authorities in accordance with relevant rules. 

No employer shall employ foreigners to engage in commercialized entertaining performance, except for the persons qualified under the following articles. According to the Regulations on the Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China, the employment license-free qualifications are:

(a) foreigners employed by Chinese-foreign exchange programs in China in accordance with the agreements between Chinese and foreign governments, and international organizations; or

(b) chief representatives or representatives working in resident representative offices of foreign enterprises in China.

Foreigners conforming to one of the qualifications can directly apply for an employment permit with an employment visa and relevant certificates after entering in China.

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