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Case Study on RPO


The world largest industrial company chose to improve regional sales and technical strength with more than 100 professionals in over 15 cities across Greater China.

The customer needed to staff 100+ professionals, ranging from sales executive to pre-sales engineer and technical support engineer. The time frame was short—only 3 months. With minimal resources available from the customer’s HR department, finding this number of talent within a tight time frame was a major challenge.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

The Solution

Because of our known RPO expertise, the customer engaged Talent-Spot and decided to adopt a phased approach, launching support for each location separately and conducting all hiring in phases as well. For this approach to be successful, it was critical for all positions to be filled by the established training dates.

Talent-Spot designed a streamlined recruitment process that was managed by a dedicated onsite team. The team remained flexible with fluctuations in the open requisition load and utilized offsite recruiters as needed.

Due to the minimal involvement from the customer's HR department, the Talent-Spot solution included end-to-end process management and talent acquisition—from a new hiring requisition to on-boarding of each new hire.

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The Result

The RPO solution implemented by Talent-Spot was well received by all, including the customer’s HR department. Most importantly, the positions were successfully filled on time.

Results at a Glance:

Successfully sourced 100+ technical and sales professionals over three month time frame

Successfully built database of more than 1,000+ technical and sales professionals in over 15 cities across Greater China

Agency usage reduced to 0 percent as source of hire

Replacements to any headcounts were filled within 30 days and overall headcount turnover was kept to less than 8 percent

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