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The Advantages of Setting Up Sales Office in China

The sales office is a physical entity used for business purposes. Whether a sales agent is looking for commercial properties, or a liberal professional looking for an office to operate. This kind of office is intended for professional tenants (service companies, industry, professionals) through specific leasing contracts for this type of tenants (commercial leases and professional lease.)

1. The commercial lease regards as its name suggests tenants who are involved in sales.

2. The professional lease concerns tenants who exercise non-commercial activities (liberal and related occupations and associations)


1. Gross return higher than the average home

2. Possibility to pass on a number of charges on the tenant (property tax, various development works, property management costs)

3. Property pledge from a financial institution in order to obtain a credit line based on the tenant's quality

4. Property in good condition and location for a fairly good price

5. Since a property is rented, it is easy to buy a large part of credit especially if the tenant is known, solid, and if the lease is firm on a long-term basis (ie. minimum 6 year fixed)

6. Effective way to locate somewhere while retaining a certain autonomy (unlike Joint Ventures for example)

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