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Case Study on China Recruitment: Indian Unicorn Company Entering China

Talent Spot International is a one-stop solutions provider to help overseas companies quickly launch and expand their business in China.

Talent Spot provides first-class services such as recruitment, contract staffing, payroll outsourcing, and PEO service (legally hiring local and foreign employees in China).

Case Background

How did a new brand of Internet O2O in China, compete with many old Internet companies for talent in the early stage and successfully recruit the favored talents? What role did Talent Spot play?

At that time, the talent team of the enterprise in China was basically from ''scratch''. In order to achieve the business objectives, the overseas headquarters of the enterprise commissioned Talent Spot to assist in recruitment.

Client's Requirement

1.  Wide Coverage of Recruitment Positions and Levels:

All levels from basic to mid-to-high-end positions and a wide variety of positions are involved, including offline operations, marketing, Internet technology and research & development, human resources, finance, BD, and other core and support positions.

2.  Nationwide Recruitment for Talents in Different Places:

The enterprise is intended to set up teams in first- to fifth-tier cities, but the target candidate groups are not evenly distributed throughout the country. Thus, the mobility of candidates needs to be considered.

The Challenges

The enterprise is an O2O hotel service brand. It specifies that the candidates for the teams shall have crossover working experience and some of the targeted candidate groups are gathered in several fixed large ''Internet+'' enterprises

The high salary level of domestic Internet talents and the concentration of top talents in ''first-tier cities'' have become major obstacles to the development of the business area of the enterprise.

The Solutions

Talent Spot has tailored its solutions for the customer according to the characteristics of "a new brand, tight schedule, scarce high-end target candidates and large recruitment volume", adopting a unique project management approach:

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Creation of communication channels:

Talent Spot has assigned a Project Manager to meet the customer's needs, report the project progress, and control the overall quality of the project, thereby saving time and energy for the customer, and ensuring accurate and effective communication and a BD Manager to take charge of all business agreements and related matters to guarantee project progress.

The work scope is classified for all the recruitment consultants involved in the project according to their functions and positions, thus ensuring that each consultant has sufficient resources and experience within the scope of his/her responsibilities, so as to promote their work in a packed and efficient manner.

Adequate Talent Market Research: avoiding risks since the start of recruitment

Talent Spot helps the customer to thoroughly understand the current situation of the Chinese talent market, and then make more accurate strategies for the subsequent human resources attraction and management.

Enhancement of Customer's Brand Attractiveness in the Chinese Market: building a ''sustainable'' candidate bank

1. Provision of Assistance in Bridging Cultural Differences:

First, Talent Spot helps the customer to understand the characteristics of the Chinese market, the humanistic environment, as well as the competitive situation of the Internet industry in China;

Second, Talent Spot provides assistance in barrier-free communication between outstanding candidates and the CEO of the enterprise and conducts in-depth and diversified exchanges on the enterprise business model and development direction.

The customer can keep a sharp eye on the environment of the Chinese market by bridging ''cultural differences'', thereby selecting appropriate talents and developing accurate business strategies.

Suggestions on Employment Risks: ensuring compliance and optimizing human costs

As a one-stop HR solution provider with businesses covering the Asia-Pacific region, Talent Spot not only has rich experience in recruitment but also enjoys a profound accumulation in human resources management, compensation, and welfare services, labor law interpretation, and other aspects. It can also provide the customer with all-around human resources solutions and help take into account cost optimization and corporate compliance.

The Result

1. Talent Spot helps the client build a strong executive team;

2. Talent Spot helps the client complete the recruitment of talents from different places for multiple positions;

3. Through its successful development, the executive team has endowed the enterprise brand with a new attraction and successfully attracted many candidates, including former colleagues and superiors of executive team members;

4. At present, the client has over 2,000 employees and offline stores in China, with its business covering more than 100 cities.

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