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Why Companies Need Global Employment Outsourcing Services

In today's global economic integration, enterprise personnel management is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Global employment outsourcing services play different roles in various stages of enterprise development, making it an indispensable right-hand man for enterprises.

Setting up or Optimizing the Personnel Framework

  • Startups: Global employment outsourcing services can help startups build a legal and effective basic personnel framework as soon as possible, laying the foundation for subsequent development;

  • Enterprises in rapid development: Global employment outsourcing services can provide all kinds of resources during the rapid expansion phase of the enterprise, avoiding vacancies or deficiencies in the personnel structure due to rapid development and lack of manpower;

  • Enterprises that need to be formalized at a certain stage of development: The objective environment of financing, merger, listing, etc. must be formalized, which can be quickly sorted out and optimized through professional global employment outsourcing services.

Transform Conflicts and Risks

  • Avoiding disputes: There is no labor contract between the enterprise and global employment outsourcing services, which avoids labor disputes and saves the management resources of the enterprise.

  • Dispersing employment risks: Global employment outsourcing services help enterprises reduce and decompose the risk of investing in human resources by taking advantage of their strengths in personnel and labor-management business.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement

Reduce Management Costs

Talent search, interviews, recruitment, training, and other links require a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. Small and medium-sized enterprise staff turnover phenomenon is very serious, making the enterprises have to cope with the recruitment of new employees, training, and other work. If you give professional global employment outsourcing services to do it, the enterprise can be freed from the cumbersome affairs, and concentrate resources to focus on the core business.

Reduce Reform Costs

For companies that need to optimize their employee structure, using global employment outsourcing services can help them achieve the goal of changing jobs without laying off employees, which significantly reduces the cost of reorganizing and restructuring the staff.

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