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Reasons to Choose Contract Staffing

Talent Spot's clients have many reasons for using contract staffing. The following is a few of those reasons to consider:

To staff for peak loads in the work cycle. Companies find it difficult to staff for steady workload. As demand for hours increases, overtime can only absorb so much. After that,

additional employees must be brought in to complete the project. If a company only needs someone for six months, why would they hire that person as a direct employee?

To hire only specific expertise needed. Many companies need a specific skill for a short period of time, after which their own staff can take over.

No training necessary. In most cases, when a contract employer provides an employee, the employee is normally fully trained in the area of expertise needed.

A client company only pays for hours worked. If the employee does not work for any reason, the client company does not pay.

There are no direct payroll costs. All payroll costs are included in the billing rate. There are not additional expenses for holidays, vacation, sick time, FICA, SUTA, FUTA, general liability, worker's compensation, or any other benefits.

Reduced administrative costs. Most costs such as advertising, recruiting, payroll processing, and many other administrative expense are eliminated.

Assist with shrinking deadlines. Contract employees can be effectively used when a project schedule gets behind.

Contract firms offer quick turnaround.  Talent Spot's goal is to have a qualified candidate screened and ready for employment within 48 hours.

Contract employees can be used when there is a direct hiring freeze. There are times when direct employees can't be hired under any circumstances. However, the work still has to be done.

Contract to Direct Hires. This is an excellent way for a company to try someone out to make sure they are a fit. It is also a good way for an employee to try out a company as well. This prevents long term commitments from becoming short ones.

Replacement for key employees during an emergency leave of absence. This would include extended illnesses, pregnancies, etc.

The cost of a contract employee can be expensed directly to a project as opposed to being charged as overhead to a department.Although nothing more than an accounting allocation, this becomes very important when a company needs to closely adhere to budgets.

Avoiding Department of Labor problems with independent contractors. Hiring independent contractors normally borders on being illegal. There are many tests which the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor use to determine employment status, and most independent contractors do not pass. There are fines which can accompany these violations as well.

A method of providing training to inexperience employees. Most seasoned contract employees have been around the block a few times and are a wealth of knowledge. Client companies can use the services of a contract employee to provide training.

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