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Is that Really Complicated to Hire a Right Top-Quality Employees in China?

Nowadays with the increasing talent mismatch, Skills shortages and skills mismatches are worrying issues for businesses .Asia especially China needs to tackle the ever-growing skills gap. When employers find it difficult to recruit the people with the skills they need, there are real costs involved. These may be lost business, reduced productivity or a need to undertake additional training to upskill people. There are also implications for the workload and welfare of existing staff with increasing pressure to meet growing demand. 

But how do you find and match the right people to the right jobs?

By including, in your comprehensive people strategy, a well-structured recruiting and selection program. The key to successfully developing such a program is to follow a proven recruiting process for the positions you need to fill. Resist the temptation to omit steps, because shortcutting the process can shortchange your results. Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Develop accurate job descriptions;

2. Compile a "success profile";

3. Draft the ad;

4. Post the ad in the mediums most likely to reach your potential job candidates;

5. Develop a series of phone-screening questions;

6. Review the resumes you receive and identify your best candidates;

7. Screen candidates by phone;

8. Select candidates for assessment; 

9. Assess your potential candidates for their skills and attributes using a proven assessment tool;

10. Schedule and conduct candidate interviews;

11. Select the candidate;

12. Run a background check on the individual to uncover any potential problems not revealed by previous testing and interviews;

13. Make your offer to the candidate;

At first glance, you might think how it could be complicated when recruiting and hiring Top-Quality employees. What about considering contract staffing as a shortcut to tackle all of the problems you face. Click the links below to get more info about contract staffing.

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