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Talent Spot Solidifies China Presence with Showing at International Expo

''Talent Spot ensures that international firms can enter a brand-new market for business development within 48 hours. It helps the handle recruitment,payroll and tax management ...''

Zhu Dequan, founder and CEO of Talent Spot.

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Talent Spot, a top-tier human resources service provider in the Asia-Pacific region, is solidified its presence once again at the third China International Import Expo, which concluded on Tuesday in Shanghai.

Committed to offering one-stop HR solutions, the company has helped 200 enterprises enter the Chinese market, most of which are renowned companies in respected fields.

''While entering into a new market, enterprises are confronted with a number of risks,'' explained Chary Zhu, founder and CEO of Talent Spot, at the third CIIE. ''They could might end up on the rocks due to lack of business management experience.''

''Newcomers to a market are advised to select business management partners that can help raise businesses successfully,'' Zhu added.

Founded in 2009, Talent Spot has evolved into a total business management partner, which helps enterprises develop a new market ''from scratch'' by making various preliminary preparations and stabilizing long-term business development.

''Talent Spot ensures that international firms can enter a brand-new market for business development within 48 hours,'' Zhu said. ''It helps them handle recruitment, payroll and tax management, finance and administration outsourcing, legal support, business registration, and global staffing among other matters.''

For international firms that intend to invest in China but have no local support or corporations, Talent Spot will first offer its recruitment outsourcing and employer of record service to help address recruitment, employment, and staffing problems for business development.

If necessary, the HR service provider will provide finance and administration outsourcing and legal support services to spare the firms from business support problems, so that the firms can concentrate on market development.

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''At the crucial intermediate stage of business development, we can help firms with our qualified recruitment, HR outsourcing, payroll management, online HR management software and other services,'' Zhu said.

As for the firms witnessing growth in China, Talent Spot offers sustainable HR management support to further develop. It gives companies a flexible operation and the capability to minimize losses and avoid some risks.

Talent Spot has built an Asia-Pacific-wide business landscape. The company said it has more than 500 consultants working in over 40 Chinese cities and eight different countries in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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