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5 keys to Talent Acquisition and Staffing in China

What is the difference between talent acquisition and recruitment (staffing)?

Most people might confuse both terms and use them interchangeably, thus there is a clear difference that we will try to demonstrate by answering this question.

Recruitment: is somehow a linear process on which we have a vacancy for a specific position and we must fill it with the most accurate profile, whether it’s a vacancy or new position the process remains the same the core element is to find the most suitable candidate for the currently available position.

Talent Acquisition is more like a cyclical process on which there is a whole image that is drawn around finding the best match, it is orientated towards building relationships, anticipating future requirements and promoting a sustainable framework of proper candidates. It’s an impressive approach that fosters a talent pipeline with future vision in addition to a pre-projection of market requirement and enterprise’s future needs.

Within the 10 keys to Talent Acquisition showed in the figure below, we will highlight 5 of them:

within the 10keys

1. Employment Branding

Brands are more and more getting into our lives further than having influence on us as customers it is likewise attracting talents. As a result ensuring that your company’s brand is attractive becomes a main element on talent acquisition, which enhances the fact that you must promote a positive image and company culture.

This implicates all the factors that contribute on distinguishing the company’s brand image key differentiators, its products as well as the services it provides.

All what have been mentioned above joins forming the reputation that would attract the top candidates as a solid brand and depict what it is like to work for this company.

A simple example could be Alibaba, Tencent, Midea, and Haier… all these are well reputed companies, that high skilled labor and top candidates will be willing to be part of their staffing.

2. Planning and Strategy 

The purpose behind this key pillar is to make sure that the business is aligned with the overall target staffing map, examines workforce plans, have a general insight of the labor market prerequisite, with a more global consideration.

This definitely requires more concentration on the planning and how to strategize the talent acquisition with a deeper gaze at the nature of the business with a forward thinking approach.

3. Talent Segmentation

Since the top talent comes from many different places, the process of subdividing the broader employee population into groups of individuals is a must. The segmentation might be by who bring unique skills, knowledge, experiences, capabilities or other traits that the organization values for its future growth.

Through talent acquisition, you’re researching and recognizing the different places where you can source candidates.

One of the most interesting aspects at this stage is that what you aim for is to build and maintain a relationship with your potential candidates that are not going to be all appointed right away but rather in the near future.

4. Metrics and Analytics

Key metrics are crucial to conduct adequate and proper analysis.

The continuous tracking of data by analyzing pertinently the information and the use of metrics is a key motor for continuous Improvement which implicates better recruitment strategy, and ultimately a better the quality of hiring.

5. Recruitment 

- Talent Scoping and Management

- Candidate Audiences

- Candidate Relationship Management

Staffing or recruiting is an interesting world. The above mentioned elements are crucial for doing recruitment properly in China also all over the world.

That's what we call the HR and recruiting agencies secret key to success.


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