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Talent Solutions For Retail/FMCG Industry

Industry Challenges

• Continuous shrinking of profits

• Customers' requirements are constantly changing

• Easily replicated innovations

• Impact from online shopping

• Entry into the new retail era

Talent Challenges

• High labor cost

• Large number of scattered employees

• Employees in front-line stores account for a large percentage and are mobile across the industry

• Performance of employees in stores are crucial to customer experience

• Great demand of talents with competence in resources integration and creative thinking.

What you need are highly-efficient, innovative and cost-saving talent solutions.

Talent Spot One-stop Industrial Talent Solutions

Contract Staffing

Executive Search & Recruitment


1. Contract Staffing

√ Mass recruit employees for different positions of front-line stores

√ Avoid employment risks and incompetent staff

√ Do not take up the headcounts of enterprises, enhancing flexibility in businesses operation

√ Candidates on board in time without much further training, cut down the cost of enterprises

2. Executive Search & Recruitment

√ Recruit the most suitable talents

• Hunt for excellent talents based on mass resume database

• Conduct multi-dimensional assessment and accurate evaluation

• Rich-experienced industry consultants, proficient in professional work, good at communicating with candidates

√ Accomplishment of key marketing and sales targets

• Key talents on board in time

• Assist candidates and enterprise in passing the probation period smoothly

√ Our Positions Focus

Executive Level


Sales & Marketing

Sales Director/BD Director/KA Director/Manager/ Regional Sales Manager

Marketing Director/ Marketing Manager/Sr. Brand Manager/Group Product Manager

Branch GM/China Rep.

BU Head

China Operation Director/ Area Sales Manager

Supply Chain/ Operation

Plant GM/Operation Director/Manager

Asia Supply China Director/Sr. Manager


HR Director / HRBP / HR Manager

Staffing / Recruitment / TA / C&B / Training Head(Director/ Sr.Manager)

Finance Director / Finance Controller / Finance Manager

Legal & Compliance Head / Legal & Compliance Manager

Technical Support

Technical Head (R&D)

Engineer(Before/After Sales)

Technical Operation Control

3. RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

√ Mass recruit staff for different positions, ensure they are on board as scheduled and talent- post matching perfectly.

√ Address the shortage of recruitment staff and save labor costs

√ "On-site + backstage support" mode

√ End-to-end solution

√ Control the recruitment costs for enterprises

Excellent And Qualified Consultant Team

√ Focus on specific industry, understand business, and be good at communicating with candidates

√ Experienced in recruitment, average working experience is more than 5 years

√ Grasp the market trend of retail/FMCG, industry network is rich

√ Have international vision, reserve a large number of high-end candidates

√ Efficient and timely, results-oriented

Successful Positions

Clothing and Shoes Clients

• Fashion Brand (Marketing Director, Sales Operation Director, HR Director)

• Sports Wear (Brand Manager Marketing Manager, VM Manager, PR Manager)

• Outdoor Sports Wear (Account Manager, Merchandise Manager, Marketing Manager)

• Sports Media (PR Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Media Manager)

• Street Fashion Brand (Marketing Manager, Regional Sales Manager)

• Luxury Brand (Regional Sales Manager, Shop Management Manager)

Food and Beverage Clients

• Chocolate Brand (Brand Manager, Director, Regional Sales Manager, Sales Operation Manager, Brand Marketing)

• Drinks Brand (Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, KA Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Plant Manager)

• Beer Group (Sales Director, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager……)

• Baby Food (Sales Director, Marketing Director, Finance Controller….)

Cosmetics Clients

 • A Leading American Beauty Company

( National Sales Director, Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Operation Manager, Regional Sales Operation Manager, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Training Manager, Plant GM, Asia Supply Chain Director, HR Director, Operation Director...)

• A French Beauty Group

 ( Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, CRM Manager)

Global Layout

√ Business presence across the world in support of talents recruitment for international companies

√ Provide talent support for overseas enterprises to enter Chinese market

√ Outstanding resources and diversified candidate database

Qualification Honor

2017: Listed in Top 10 recruitment firms in China selected by TopHR

2017: HREC's "China recruiting & staffing value awards" 

                ——Top 10 contract staffing service providers, and Top 10 recruitment process outsourcing providers

2016-2017 Honored as best provider of contract staffing service in greater China by HRoot

2016: Awarded "best one-stop recruitment solution provider of the year" by TopHR

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