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Talent Spot International Won ''China's Top Compensation Management & Outsourcing Services Provider''

Talent Spot International won HREC's "China Compensation & Benefits Provider Value Award" once again, ranking as "China's Top 12 Compensation Management and Outsourcing Service Provider". 

At 9:00 a.m. on November 22nd, the award ceremony began. Thousands of HR professionals jointly witnessed the excellent strength of Talent Spot International in "compensation outsourcing services". Richard Pang, deputy director of Talent Spot International China represented the company to accept the award.

"compensation outsourcing services"

During the selection process, the sponsor invited real-name certified directors from the compensation and benefits departments of 500 first-party enterprises to participate in the survey and evaluate the candidate enterprises from the perspective of market awareness, market share, brand recommendation, and other dimensions. It has been the second time for Talent Spot International to win the award.

Richard introduced that the compensation outsourcing services of Talent Spot International boast the characteristics of "flexibility" and "customization" and the advantages of "one-touch window" and "nationwide service coverage", thus timely responding to customers' personalized needs and helping customers save costs and reduce risks.

"nationwide service coverage"

Business Process Outsourcing 

The original "BOT Mode" of Talent Spot International can ensure that every link of our services is connected and orderly, thus fully protecting the customers' rights and interests.

"BOT Mode"

In 2017, Talent Spot International officially changed its name and set up new offices in Chongqing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Malaysia, thus officially developing its overseas business layout. At present, Talent Spot International has had flexible staffing, compensation and benefits outsourcing, headhunting recruitment, on-site recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing, and other businesses and launched online human resource management cloud software-iHR, involving functions such as organization, personnel, attendance, salary, mobile approval, recruitment, performance, and self-service to help enterprises realize HR digital transformation. At present, Talent Spot International is one of the few one-stop HR solutions experts integrating online HR management software and offline traditional services in China.

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