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The team has over 14 years of experience and more than 5 Consultants in the Executive Search field, especially strong in the International Education Industry, we have closed more than 100 roles for International schools in China, established rich knowledge and network, and high-quality service is guaranteed.

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Education Executive Search

What is Executive Search in the Education Industry?

What is Executive Search in the Education Industry?

Executive search in the Education industry is a specialized recruitment service that helps educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, universities, and educational nonprofits, find and hire top-level executives and leaders for key positions within their organizations. These positions often include university presidents, superintendents, deans, and other senior roles.

Characteristics Of The Education Industry Executive Search

Customer conversion cycles are long

The conversion cycle of customers in the education industry is long because people often take a long time to consider and compare different education options.

Inconsistency among decision-making groups, payers and consumers

In the education market, there is sometimes inconsistency among decision-making groups, payers, and consumers. For example, the pre-college education payers are mostly parents, while the consumers are students.

Emphasis on word-of-mouth marketing and accumulation of results

The education industry attaches great importance to the accumulation of word-of-mouth and results, because the results of education are difficult to quantify, so people pay more attention to experience and practical results.

High pricing power

Because of the high cost of trial and error in the education industry, education companies have extremely high pricing power.

Fragmented market

The education industry has many segments and the competitive landscape is fragmented.

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