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Talent Spot Won ''2018 China Top 10 Flexible Staffing Services Provider''

At the award ceremony of "2018 China Recruiting & Staffing Solution Provider Value Awards" held on July 12, Talent Spot won the title "2018 Top 10 Flexible Staffing Service Provider". Richard Pang, Associate BD Director of Talent Spot, represented the Company to accept the award on the stage.

The selection was sponsored by HREC, a famous Chinese HR membership organization. During the selection process, the sponsor has invited real-name certified directors from the recruiting & staffing departments of 500 first-party enterprises to participate in the survey and evaluate the candidate enterprises with respect to market awareness, market share, brand recommendation, and other dimensions. Talent Spot stood out among the institutions and was listed in the Top 10 list.

The sponsor said, "The Top 10 enterprises have represented the leading level of recruiting services in China."

Founded in 2009, Talent Spot started with recruiting services and now has developed into a one-stop HR solution expert providing services that integrate recruiting, HR outsourcing, social security, salary services, and online intelligent HR management software – iHR ( We have businesses throughout the Asia Pacific region with a wide range of high-quality partners around the world and provide services for more than 2000 customers.

"Flexible staffing" is an important part of Talent Spot's recruiting business. Richard said, "Flexible staffing can meet the enterprises' demands for temporary and short-term staffing without occupation of the enterprises' formal authorized strength and cumbersome approval procedures. With flexible staffing, Talent Spot has helped many famous enterprises to quickly allocate HR, save labor costs, and reduce labor risks, thus promoting the smooth development of businesses in all aspects."

Richard further stressed that in the selection of partners for flexible staffing, enterprises would pay more attention to the provider's qualification background and service flexibility. Especially for multinational companies and enterprises with relatively decentralized branches, would have higher requirements for the provider's capacity in unified control and localized support.

"Talent Spot has businesses throughout the Asia Pacific region with profound development in more than 100 cities in China, so that we can support the requirements in transnational and transregional HR recruiting and management. In the service process, we would use "one communication window" to ensure the flexibility and efficiency of service, thus saving the customer's communication time and energy, which is also the reason that Talent Spot has got many customers' trust."

Meanwhile, with the changes in the external environment, Talent Spot has also continued to explore new hotspots and demands in the market and expanded the application scenarios of "flexible staffing". For example, with "flexible staffing" services, we can help large enterprises build shared service centers and realize cost control and efficiency optimization.

In 2018, Talent Spot officially launched the "One-stop Solution for Chinese Enterprises Overseas", thus providing more HR recruiting and staffing services for local enterprises in terms of their expanding overseas markets and facilitating success in new business areas.


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