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Talent Spot Won ''The Most Outstanding Performer'' for Its Remarkable Achievements in HR Solutions

Recently, Talent Spot won "The Most Outstanding Performer" of the year issued by Universal Studio to commend Talent Spot's remarkable performance in HR recruitment services, which provides a strong boost for the customers' development in China. Talent Spot Real Estate HR Solutions Team has represented the company to participate in the award granting.

"The Most Outstanding Performer"

In 2017, Talent Spot reintegrated service advantages, adopted a more accurate and refined service delivery system, and launched "one-stop HR solutions", thus providing customized talent services for enterprises according to the business attribute, market environment, talent competition characteristics of each industry and solving the recruitment and management problems for the customers.

Talent Spot Real Estate HR Solutions Team was responsible for the project of Universal Studio this time. Due to the pressed time and high technical requirements of the project, Talent Spot completed its important recruitment in a short period of time and ensured that the candidates arrived on time so that the customer's business could start smoothly. In this process, Talent Spot not only provided the most suitable candidates for the customer but also made more efforts in the communication between customers and candidates and the promotion of the employer's corporate culture, thus laying a foundation for the candidates to integrate into the enterprise as soon as possible and successfully pass the probationary period.

"The service goal of Talent Spot is to help customers succeed in all aspects. Therefore, employment is not the end point of our service. The goal of our service is to match the personnel with posts and promote joint development and growth between the customer and candidates. In each service, besides the fulfillment of traditional recruitment processes, Talent Spot will do a lot of related work, such as spreading the customer's enterprise values to the candidates, focusing on the balance between the candidates' expectations and enterprise demands, and comprehensively measuring the matching degree of candidates and the enterprise." 

Talent Spot Real Estate HR Solutions Team has rich successful industry experience and is good at positions including design/engineering consulting, real estate fund/developer, commercial office operation management, hotel investment operation management, and other types of real estate investment management in related fields. The cooperative enterprises include CITIC, Everbright, Greenland Business Group AECOM, etc. 

The services of Talent Spot's one-stop HR solutions include headhunting recruitment, flexible staffing, recruitment process outsourcing, human resource outsourcing, and online human resource management cloud software. "Enterprises can choose their own service modules according to their own needs. Talent Spot will continuously provide more effective and innovative services according to the changes of the market environment and provide more choices of staffing modes and talent management for customers."

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