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Companies That Benefit Most From Global Employer Of Record

More and more companies are choosing a global employer of record. They only need to entrust one or more of their human resource management workflows or functions to a global employer of record service company to manage, which reduces labor costs and maximizes efficiency. The benefits of working with a global employer of record are especially beneficial for companies in the following situations.

Companies with High Employee Turnover

Companies that depend on sales positions for revenue often face the problem of high turnover, with HR staff busy in a never-ending cycle of recruiting, training, transitioning, and processing departures. This not only leads to a continuous decrease in HR staff efficiency but also further increases hiring costs, training expenses, management costs, and time costs, among others. If your company experiences this phenomenon, it's best to collaborate with a global employer of record, which can relieve HR staff from the burden of repetitive work, allowing them to focus on more core HR strategic issues, and ultimately enhance efficiency to advance the company's business development.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises with a Small Number of Employees and Tight Funds

Small and medium-sized startups typically have limited cash flow and few staff, so they often lack an independent HR department, with some employees having to take on multiple roles. This can lead not only to low employee efficiency but also to dissatisfaction among them, which, in the long run, may also cause employees and the company to drift apart. SMEs without an independent HR department can consider partnering with a global employer of record. You can get high-quality and efficient services at a low cost.

Enterprises Interested in Developing Business in Other Places

As companies grow, some will continue to expand their business footprint. However, it is challenging for the headquarters to manage the newly established foreign branches uniformly, and setting up full-time staff in the region is costly. To avoid compliance risks due to a lack of understanding of foreign policies, such companies can opt for a global employer of record to support local business development.

Enterprises with Short-Term Labor Needs

Some companies may frequently have short-term employment needs. This type of company often risks labor disputes with temporary recruits due to staff turnover and social security payments. They can partner with a global employer of record to diversify employment modes, which can not only solve the difficulty of recruitment and short-term employment issues but also reduce the risk of employment for the enterprise.

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