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The Current Situation and Development Trends of Global Employment Outsourcing

With the acceleration of globalization, global employment outsourcing, as an emerging human resource solution, is gradually being favored by more and more enterprises.

Current Situation

Expanding Scope of Outsourcing

In addition to the traditional payroll and benefits management, recruitment, and other basic business, the scope of global employment outsourcing services is also expanding to cover more business areas, such as performance management, training and development, organizational structure, salary structure, recruitment outsourcing and so on.

Diversification of Service Models

Global employment outsourcing models are also diversifying. Currently, common service models include payroll outsourcing, benefits management outsourcing, employees dispatching (EOR), and business process outsourcing model (PEO), etc.

Future Trend Analysis

Personalized Service

With the intensification of market competition, enterprises will have higher and higher requirements for global employment outsourcing services, and outsourcing service providers need to provide more personalized services to meet the different needs.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an important direction for the future development of global employment outsourcing. Outsourcing service providers need to improve service efficiency through technical means, reduce costs, and provide customers with more efficient and intelligent services.

Diversified Development

The future of global employment outsourcing services will be diversified, in addition to the traditional global employment outsourcing services, but also involved in other aspects of business, such as finance, IT, etc.,

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