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TS&iHR 5th&10th Anniversary Employee Celebration Successfully Concluded


Anniversary Employee Celebration

Successfully concluded


Time is the soil that nurtures achievements

Let every footprint be solid and powerful

Time is invisible rings

Let every effort yield hope and fruit

This summer, surprises and touched moments

In the busy and hardworking time

We welcome the

5th and 10th anniversary employee celebration

Celebration Scenes

2023.06.08 14:00

Accompanied by the melodious opening music, the 5th and 10th anniversary employee celebration officially kicked off. Colleagues from the Shanghai main venue gradually entered the venue, while 5th and 10th anniversary employees from various branch venues joined in through online meetings. 

Employee Ceremony

10th Anniversary Employee Award

The first award presented at the celebration was the 10th Anniversary Employee Award. These employees have been working hard for the company for a whole ten years. Just imagine, ten years ago, they may have been young and inexperienced, but now they have become our pride! The following is the list of awards for 10th anniversary of employment:

10th Anniversary Employee Award

At this celebration, we specially customized exquisite honor certificates for the 10th anniversary employees, and also prepared shopping gift cards worth 1000 yuan.

Honor Certificates

Award Moment

Award Time

The picture shows Chary presenting an award to Lisa, a 10th anniversary employee

Sandy and Shirley, 10th anniversary employees from Shenzhen and Nanchang offices, also sent us VCRs, sharing their current feelings.

These ten years have been a journey of mutual support and struggle, moving forward side by side. Time does not disappoint those with determination, and stars do not disappoint those who keep moving forward. Looking forward to the next ten years, let us continue to work hand in hand to create new brilliance.

5th Anniversary Employee Award

After presenting the 10th anniversary employee award, everyone must be looking forward to the list of 5th anniversary winners. Five years together, ten years not far. The number of 5th anniversary awardees exceeded our expectations, indicating that more and more employees recognize our company and are willing to work with the company in the long term. The following is the list of 5th anniversary employee award winners:

5th Anniversary Employee Award

At this celebration, the 5th anniversary employees will receive a specially customized exquisite honor certificate and a shopping gift card worth 400 yuan.

5th Anniversary Employee Prizes

Award Moment

The Picture Shows Chary Giving Awards to 5th Anniversary Employees

The picture shows Chary presenting an award to 5th anniversary employees

Representatives of 5th anniversary employees from Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Xian, and other cities also sent VCRs to share their thoughts on this special occasion. 

Five years together, ten years not far. More five years, onward!

CEO's Message

After presenting awards to the 5th and 10th anniversary employees, Chary brought us his best wishes and hopes. Chary said: Sometimes, plain and simple is true, and the 5th and 10th anniversary employees who silently contribute and persevere deserve admiration. I hope more employees can achieve their ideals and demonstrate their self-worth in their positions.


Chary lit the anniversary cake candles for everyone.

After the ceremony, the certificates and prizes for the 5th and 10th anniversaries have been promptly delivered to the hands of employees in other cities.


Crossing mountains and hills, a crowd of people

Grateful for our mutual choices

Thanks for the hard work of our 5 and 10-year employees

Looking forward to weaving more brilliance in the future..

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