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IHR & TS Has Moved to a New Home!

Congratulations to the new headquarters in Shanghai!

With the continuous development and booming business of the company, our headquarters in Shanghai has smoothly moved to a new building. With the full support and cooperation of all our colleagues, the relocation work has been successfully completed. Let's take a look at our new home together!

iHR & TS New Home - Exterior

The new address of the Shanghai headquarters is

No. 99, Tianmu West Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai

Lifeng Skyscraper 501-503A


Whether it's the exterior or the interior of the office building, it is very spacious, bright, and brand new.

iHR & TS New Home — Moving Day

On a propitious day, July 7, 2023—ideal for moving.

Around noon, everyone started earnestly packing their belongings. After finishing the packing, the moving crew became busy, and one by one, everyone followed the route map to the new office building.

Upon reaching the office building, everyone took a short break. As the trucks carrying items arrived at the office building, people swiftly joined the ranks of the relocation 'volunteers.' 


Watching the original office gradually empty out while the new office is filled bit by bit, I believe every buddy can't help but feel sentimental, as the years have witnessed every step of the company's development.

After talking about the move, buddies must be curious about the surroundings of the new office, right? So, everyone, please take a look at this guide to the Shanghai office below.

New Home Guide TIPS — Travel Section


Certainly, everyone must be very concerned about commuting and transportation around the company.

The new office is located near Shanghai Railway Station South Square, where you can access subway lines 1, 3, and 4. There are many nearby bus stops, making transportation convenient. Below is a summary of the bus routes near the company:

Lines 3 and 4, exit from Gate 6, about a 5-minute walk.

For subway lines 3 and 4, alight at Shanghai Railway Station, walk along the underground shopping street for 5 minutes to reach Gate 6. Turn left at the exit, cross the pedestrian walkway, walk along Moling Road, pass the Joint Ticketing Building, continue straight for 20 meters, then turn left and walk for another 10 meters to reach the building (North entrance).


Line 1, Exit 5, Walk for About 5 Minutes

Take Line 1 and exit from Gate 5. Walk approximately 5 minutes.

After getting off at Shanghai Railway Station on Line 1, walk 2 minutes to reach Gate 5. Turn right at the exit, pass through Huanlong Shopping Mall, walk 10 meters into Meiyuan Road, then turn right and walk 10 meters to reach the building (South entrance).


Bus Hub

In addition to subway commuting, buses are also available for everyone to choose. Below are several bus routes within 1 km of the office building for your reference.

Tianmu Middle Road, Datong Road (Bus Station)Bus Routes Passing Through:

  • Bus 13: Dongchangzhi Road Gongping Road Hub Station ⇆ Zhongshan Park Metro Station

  • Bus 58: Qufu West Road Xizang North Road ⇆ Shanghai University (Jinqu Road)

  • Bus 63: Beihai Ning Road Wusong Road ⇆ Zhenbei Road Zhenbei Zhi Road

  • Bus 510: Huimin Road Lintong Road ⇆ Wuwei East Road Zhenjin Road


Shanghai Railway Station (Meiyuan Road)Bus Route Passing Through:

  • Bus 106: Qingjian New Village ⇆ Shanghai Railway Station (Meiyuan Road)


Shanghai Railway Station (Gonghe Road)Bus Route Passing Through:

  • Bus 113: Jing'an New Town ⇆ Shanghai Railway Station (Gonghe Road)


Tianmu West Road Hengfeng Road (Bus Station)Bus Route Passing Through:

  • Bus 768: Lianhua Apartment ⇆ Minli Road Gonghe Road


Hengfeng Road Tianmu West Road (Bus Station)Bus Routes Passing Through:

  • Bus 185: Yuan Kang Road Shitai Road ⇆ Hengfeng Road Guangfu Road

  • Bus 741: Kangning Road Hub Station ⇆ Hanzhong Road Metro Station

  • Bus 845: Hulan Road Tonghe Road ⇆ Changan Road Hengtong Road


Li Feng Skyline Center Parking

For those concerned about parking, here's the information you need. Li Feng Skyline Center provides parking spaces:

  • For colleagues with short-term parking needs: Within 2 hours, it's 5 yuan/hour; beyond 2 hours, it's 10 yuan/hour.

  • For colleagues with long-term parking needs: You can obtain a company certificate at the front desk (with an official seal) and bring this certificate along with a copy of your vehicle registration to the property office to apply for a monthly parking space. The current discounted rate for monthly parking is 750 yuan/month, and the actual cost in the future should be based on the property's quotation.

New Home Guide TIPS — Food and Drink Section


People say food is the most important thing. How can you work without a full stomach? The new office is located near the South Square of Shanghai Railway Station, so there are countless delicious options nearby. Here are a few places for your reference, and there are even more culinary delights waiting for you to discover!

Kerry Evernight City Enterprise Square Food


Huanlong Shopping Mall Food


Friendship Food Court Food


Congratulations once again on the Shanghai headquarters office settling into Li Feng Skyline Tower~ A new home is established! May it shine brightly!

A new starting point, a new leap! Wishing everyone great success in the new office and reaching new heights!

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