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TS & iHR Summer Benefits · Special Project

Summer is coming, and it's time to rely on air conditioning to extend your life!

TS & iHR also ushered in the summer benefits of 2023!

This year we have adopted a new form of summer welfare, allowing everyone to enjoy delicious afternoon tea in the office~

What do you usually like to eat while watching dramas at home with the air conditioner on?

We have prepared different types of snacks and drinks for everyone at this event!

Shanghai summer benefits

First, let's take a look at the summer benefits of the Shanghai headquarters!

Hot Summer

In the Shanghai office, braised food is in short supply!

Of course fruits are indispensable in summer~

Watermelon, mango, cantaloupe...Wow, I'm really spoiled for choice.

After seeing the grand scene of the Shanghai headquarters, are you still not satisfied?

Let the editor continue to provide you with the situation of offices across the country!

Beijing Summer Welfare

Beijing Summer Welfare

It seems that friends in Beijing love drinking milk tea very much!

The sun is scorching hot, so refreshing "dopamine" fruit tea is the best way to cool down~

Wow, your mouth is watering when you see this~

Chengdu Summer Welfare

Chengdu Summer Welfare

Look what I found!

0 sucrose yogurt! Healthy and delicious!

Friends from Chengdu have not forgotten to manage their body shape while satisfying their appetite~

Dalian summer welfare

Dalian Summer Welfare

How can you not cool down in summer without sour plum soup?

Sweet and sour fruits are also the first choice for cooling off in summer~

There is also your own DIY yogurt oatmeal!

Served with mochi and cheese bread, Dalian friends will be 100% motivated to work in the afternoon!

Suzhou summer benefits

Suzhou Summer Benefits

Didi! Your online celebrity Swiss roll order was successfully placed~

There are also classic mung bean soup and traditional summer ice cream and fruit tea!

Friends from Suzhou must be so happy that they can "cut it"~

Nanchang Summer Welfare

Nanchang Summer Welfare

There are so many fruits, my mouth is watering!

Yogurt + fruit, you will feel better after eating it!

The friends from Nanchang are really good at choosing~

Guangzhou Summer Welfare

Guangzhou Summer Welfare

I can almost smell the pizza through the screen~

Lemon tea with pizza and fried chicken ice cream

Definitely the "MVP" of summer! !

I believe the ice cream must have brought a chill to my friends in Guangzhou~

The above is the special edition of 2023 TS & iHR summer benefits from various places~

Thanks to our administrative partners from all over the world for their careful selection and arrangement!

in this hot summer

TS & iHR are always with you

Bring a touch of coolness to your summer

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