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Market Event Concludes Successfully: Unveiling Employee Performance Management and Shanghai's New Residency Policies

On April 19th, a targeted and exclusive human resources event successfully took place at the 5th floor of Talent Spot International's Shanghai headquarters, the Skyline Center. The event centered on two pivotal topics: "How to Effectively and Legally Manage Employees Who Are Not Performing Adequately" and "A Comprehensive Sharing on Shanghai's Latest Residency Permit Points, Residence Transfer to Shanghai HuKou (Registered Permanent Residence), and Varied get Shanghai HuKou Policies."

I. New Strategies in Employee Performance Management, Supporting the Steady Development of Enterprises

Regarding the topic of managing employees who are not performing adequately, we were honored to have Mr. Tian Jilei, a senior partner from Shen Jun Law Firm, as our keynote speaker. With his profound legal knowledge and years of practical experience, Mr. Tian provided us with highly practical insights into labor law regulations and case studies. He delved into the application of labor laws in employee management, covering policy aspects, practical procedures, the utilization of evaluation tools, and the types of evidence. He emphasized the importance of enterprises adhering to legal regulations in managing their employees, pointing out that when assessing employee performance and formulating termination measures for those not performing adequately, companies must have clear evaluation standards to ensure the legality and rationality of the process. The evaluation process must be fair, open, and transparent. Additionally, enterprises should establish a robust training mechanism to provide employees with necessary skill enhancement and career development opportunities. Mr. Tian also shared typical cases and litigation processes related to the termination of non-performing employees, giving participants a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of labor laws.


Participants expressed unanimous appreciation for Mr. Tian's insightful sharing, stating that it provided valuable insights and addressed long-standing challenges in their work, such as difficulties in proving performance results, complexities in training and job transfer processes, and hesitation in applying relevant laws and regulations. His presentation offered precious experience and solutions to these issues. Everyone expressed gratitude to the keynote speaker for his excellent presentation and looked forward to more similar events in the future.

Through this discussion, participants also emphasized that employee management not only affects the vital interests of employees but also concerns the image and brand of employers. Only by establishing a sound, scientific, and reasonable management mechanism can an enterprise ensure its sustained and stable development.

II. Interpretation of Shanghai's New Residency Policies, Boosting Talent Aggregation

As an international metropolis, Shanghai has always attracted global talents with its unique charm. To better attract and retain talents, the Shanghai Municipal Government has introduced a series of residency permit points, residence transfer to Shanghai HuKou, and various get Shanghai HuKou policies. During this event, we also invited Maggie Wang, the head of the practical team at Talent Spot, as an expert in this field to provide a detailed interpretation of these policies.


Maggie provided a comprehensive and in-depth introduction of the policies from various perspectives, including policy background, application requirements, processing procedures, and timelines. This gave participants a clearer understanding of Shanghai's related policies. By thoroughly analyzing the challenges and requirements of policies such as residency permit points, residence transfer, study abroad residency, and talent introduction residency into Shanghai HuKou, participants realized that these policies not only concern individuals' education, social security, career development, and daily convenience, but also serve as the foundation for their stable life and development in this metropolitan city. Our topic sharing effectively assisted participants in better understanding the policies, preparing in advance, avoiding risks, and provided valuable practical experience and strategies.

During the interactive session, participants actively raised questions regarding their concerns and encountered cases to the experts, creating a lively and harmonious atmosphere. Many participants expressed that through this event, they gained a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of get Shanghai's HuKou policies, which also provided valuable reference for their future employee career planning within their companies.

III. Activity Summary and Outlook

This market event has successfully concluded, and we are honored to have invited renowned industry experts and numerous human resource professionals to jointly explore employee management and Shanghai's HuKou policies. Through this event, we hope to provide more assistance and support to enterprises and talents, promoting their mutual development.

Looking forward, we will continue to organize similar market events, focus on industry hot topics, and invite more experts to participate in the discussions. At the same time, we will also strengthen cooperation and exchanges with all sectors to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the industry.

Here, we sincerely thank all the guests and audiences who participated in this event. Thank you for your support and trust! Let us work together to create a better future!

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