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Talent Spot Won 2017 China Top 10 Flexible Staffing Services Provider

The award ceremony attracted more than 1000 HR practitioners. It has been the second time for Talent Spot International to win awards of this category, which well demonstrated the powerful strength of Talent Spot International in recruitment and staffing services, especially the "flexible staffing".

"flexible staffing"

About "Flexible Staffing"

"Flexible staffing" means that the HR company directly arranges human resources and material resources to support the customer's business development according to the customer's business needs, employment number, service quality and other requirements, thus making the enterprises realize "staffing but not fostering personnel".

According to authoritative media reports, "flexible staffing" is widely used in European and American countries. When a company has temporary, large-scale, seasonal project staffing needs, or its internal recruitment cannot keep up with business staffing needs, "flexible staffing" will take effect.

Richard Pang, deputy director of BD of Talent Spot International China, further introduced, "flexible staffing can not only help companies recruit personnel timely, but also reduce the labor costs and risks for the enterprises and facilitate rapid business growth. In fact, flexible staffing is a kind of sharing economy mode applied in the field of HR employment, which can not only solve the HR problems for the enterprises, more importantly, it represents a new staffing mode that is responsive to demands, has timely access to resources, and the transformation of employer and employee relationship to the form of "renting". 

Welcoming the Era of HR Sharing

With the prevailing of Didi, Airbnb and Mobike, we've found the obvious advantages of "sharing economy": flexibility, low-cost, risk-free. This is a kind of enlightenment to the thinking of enterprise staffing. 

"The aim of sharing is to fully realize the best utilization of resources, which can not only give itself temporary access to resources, but also fully mobilize resources to avoid idle resources." Therefore, there will be significant advantages to develop "HR Sharing" through flexible staffing. First, "flexible staffing" can ensure that important and urgent business needs are not delayed. In the "flexible staffing" mode, the "skilled workers" are provided. Their skills have been trained and recognized by similar enterprises, and they can start work immediately upon arrival"

Second, because flexible staffing only provides the right to use the employees, the enterprises need not sign labor contracts with the employees. They can decide whether to retain talents for a long time according to the project needs, which can greatly increase the flexibility of enterprise business;

Nowadays, the labor cost keeps increasing. In the long run, "flexible staffing" is undoubtedly a cost-effective staffing mode. As people become more secure in their new labor relationship, we believe that this kind of HR sharing will bring unexpected benefits to both sides.

Posts Suitable for "Flexible Staffing"

Although the future is uncertain and flexible staffing is still not widely popularized for the moment, not every post is suitable for this type of staffing mode. Talent Spot International has provided services for many industry benchmark customers. According to our experience, it will achieve better effects to utilize flexible staffing in posts with "high frequency/repeatability, high process-driven and non-core business work".

For example, when comparing Financial Service Share Center (FSSC) and Competence Center, we can see that FSSC is very suitable for "flexible staffing".

share service center vs compentence center

(The contents of the picture are from the lecture of QIAN Hao, the guest of CFO Forum held by Talent Spot International in April.)

From the perspective of post setting of FSSC, most of them boast the following characteristics: great labor demands, experienced personnel with practical operation experience, timely arrival and proficient in working, which coincides with the achievements of flexible staffing.

Richard continued to say, "Because the third party HR institutions have provided services for various types of enterprises, they will get a deep understanding of the HR market and have accumulated a huge talent pool, which can well meet the demands of FSSC on HR quantity and quality."

Talent Pool of Talent Spot International for Flexible Staffing:

Finance: more than 10,500 people

Procurement: more than10,000 people

Machine room operation and maintenance: more than 5,000 people

IT: more than 8,500 people

HR: more than 20,000 people

Administration: more than 12,500 people

Equipment maintenance agent: more than 5,000 people

Other personnel: more than 50,000 people

Talent Spot International, as 2016-2017 Best HR Provider in Greater China, is a professional HR solutions provider headquartered in Shanghai. Talent Spot has over 400 full-time employees and its business covers eight countries and regions in the Asia Pacific regions including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Korea. With the rapid growth of our business, we have developed more than 40 branches in China.

Talent Spot provides enterprises with comprehensive, overall and one-stop HR solutions, including flexible staffing, headhunting recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing, human resource outsourcing and human resource management cloud platform-iHR. So far, Talent Spot has provided services for more than 1000 customers. Due to its high-quality HR services, Talent Spot has won 2016-2017 Best Flexible Staffing Provider in Greater China, 2017 China Top 10 Headhunting Service Provider, 2017 China Top 10 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service Provider, 2016 China Pioneer HR Service Provider Best One-stop Recruitment Solution and other awards. 

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