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RPO: Simple Solutions for Complex Recruitment Process Challenges

With rapid economy growth in worldwide, more talents are needed for the business growth. One of the complex challenges for business is in rapid hiring demand. We have received our many clients complain about complex hiring process can be real pain. A flexible and scalable recruitment solution is desperately needed for high volume hiring.

This challenge is ever-more apparent in markets, where rapid growth and development are the norm. Driven by factors such as new products, emerging marketplaces, economic efficiencies and new technologies, many companies have been forced to rethink how they go to market for their short and mid-term spikes in recruitment.

As such, when a business identifies the need for high-volume hiring, critical pressure points to the exercise will include market knowledge, day-to-day challenges, and how to choose the right solution for their unique, specific needs.

The High-volume Hiring Market

Demand for short-term, high volume recruitment is increasing across the region. In fact, according to the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network, nearly 51% of Asian companies surveyed are using some form of Business Project Outsourcing to deliver their services. The need arises from rapid business changes: including mergers and acquisitions, new product roll-outs, job function centralization, and shared service center developments.

One or more of these changes in structure can create an urgent short-term project, which in turn requires a rapid increase in headcount, either permanently or temporarily. Meanwhile technology, a pre-requisite to all modern recruitment, proves even more critical for success in these types of short-term high volume projects.

Technology can offer a balance between offline and online sourcing and talent attraction. The investment put in across various mobile apps, social media platforms, search engines, databases and websites to attract the right talent to various projects, are well worth the investment to ensure successful hiring for each new project.

Challenges Faced by Internal HR Teams

The challenge of this high volume short-term hiring is typically one of bandwidth and scale of internal HR teams. Many businesses look at outsourcing these high volume needs, leading to other challenges, namely:

- Finding a partner that can undertake delivery and accountability of an entire recruitment function – from requisition to on-boarding – within a short time frame and solely for a specific project.

- Needing the benefits of a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution, without wanting to commit to a full, long-term contract.

- Balancing a strong need for flexibility and agility, with a requirement for a large network of established contacts.

Choosing an Outsourcing Solution

Once business decides to outsource their high mass of recruitment, it is important to choose a trustful and reliable PRO agency which based on reputation, expertise, and rich experience in varied industries and fields. Talent Spot offers high quality PRO services, we consultants are equipped with industry knowledge and understand the talent you need. Get your free consultation at Talent Spot if you have any questions about Recruitment Process Outsourcing in China and Asia.

choosing an outsourcing solution

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