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Is Contractor Right for Your Business?

When your business is having a restricted budget for hiring full time employees for the short-term project or specific task which doesn't require a full-time employee, have you ever consider using a contractor or temporary staffing?

Using contractors or temporary workers can help to resolve the shorten talent usage. However, before you start recruiting contractors, you will need 

Here are a few questions to ask when considering contract and temporary workers to make sure that this is the right choice for your team:

What needs will a contractor fill?

Make sure you have a clear idea of what role a contractor will be stepping into. Sometimes, the parameters are easily defined, such as a large project coming up that requires certain expertise you don't have in-house. Other times, your team is just too stretched and needs extra support.

In the latter case, make sure you work with staff to find out how having a contractor would ease their workload, which should form the basis for any KPIs or deliverables. In order to get your contractor up and running quickly, you'll have to make sure they will be a good personality fit with your team – this is something to cover in the interview – and also that they have enough support available to hit the ground running.

Do we need a fresh perspective?

There's a myth out there that temporary workers can be less skilled or that they can't find a full-time job. However, many temporary workers are actually highly skilled individuals who actively prefer contracting because of the variety, freedom and higher pay rate it offers.

This means that a contractor can bring a new outlook based on vast experience of different workplaces. If you're in need of new ideas or ways of working, an experienced contractor could be precisely what you need.

Do we need a contractor or a permanent hire?

Contracting is the ideal solution for unusually intensive periods of work, parental leave, holiday/sick cover and the period between a staff member leaving and a new hire starting.

It's also a good way to trial a new hire to find the right fit for your team; a temporary contract allows you to test an applicant's skill set and cultural fit in the workplace before committing. Some contractors will be open to leveraging a contract role into a permanent position, which may make them more motivated to perform and prove their value.

What Do We Offer

When there are unexpected gap or projects suffering due to the staff demand, and you need to fill the position quickly, why not to consider to use contractor?

Using contractors can quickly applying labor deman for short-term projects, adapting local labor laws and regulations. Contact us for free consultation about contract staffing in both in China and Asia countries. 

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