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Lethic Group Showcases Professional Human Resources Service Capabilities with Four Appearances at CIIE

Lethic Group, as the important part of the enterprise Expo, attended the sixth China International Import Expo from November 5 to 10 in Shanghai.


On November 8th, as one of the representatives of Shanghai Jing'an district "global human resource service providers", Talent Spot and Li Tang i-HR were invited to present at the "Global Human Resource Service Joint Exhibition Area" of this year's CIIE. With its unique "human resource service + technology tools", it showcased the ability of Chinese human resource service companies to link and serve the world.




Talent Spot, as a one-stop human resources service provider, actively complies with the national development strategy and is selected as a member of the "Global Service Provider - Human Resources Service Special Plan" enterprise directory in Jing'an District, Shanghai, becoming an important part of the global human resources service network. Upholding the concept of "based on the local, distributed in the Asia-Pacific region, and walking the world", Talent Spot provides comprehensive and integrated one-stop human resources solutions for global enterprises, including headhunting recruitment, on-site recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing, HR outsourcing, flexible labor services, etc. With reliable cross-regional services, Talent Spot helps enterprises realize the goal of "overseas enterprises coming in and local enterprises going out", helping enterprises open up unfamiliar markets and maintain long-term business development stability.


Rely on Talent Spot, as an innovative HR system of the new generation, LiTang i-HR possesses a unique blend of technological prowess and industry expertise. Through the application of digital technology, its products can better fit business scenarios. Integrating talent attraction, management, and data analysis, it quickly builds a digital-driven talent strategy. To date, with the goal of achieving mutual success with customers, LiTang i-HR has established a business-people integrated evolution path, from integrated HR SaaS to integrated HR SaaS + PaaS to digital virtual people enhanced by AIGC.



In Lethic Group CEO Chary Zhu's keynote speech, it is worth mentioning that he emphasized the fundamental value of human resource management, which lies in fostering organizational success through enhancing efficiency, motivating talent potential, and implementing organizational strategies. To accomplish this objective, i-HR has developed talent management systems and business performance products. These tools not only enhance operational efficiency but also elevate the value of talent, ensuring the successful execution of strategic plans.




When discussing this year's CIIE, LiTang i-HR emphasized that the CIIE serves as a crucial platform for enterprises from all nations to share opportunities and achieve mutual benefits, fostering a win-win outcome. This event is expected to continue generating spillover effects, further accelerating China's progress in constructing a globally significant talent hub and innovation epicenter. In the new development stage, human resource service institutions will shoulder more important responsibilities and missions, and play a more important role. Li Tang i-HR will continue to use digital technology to drive business upgrading in the HR field, and will work with multiple partners to contribute to the "gathering talents, connecting inside and outside, benefiting the whole world" with high-quality global talent allocation capabilities.

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