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Three Talent Spot Offices Relocated with New Trends in Asian-Pacific Layout

In Q3 of 2018, Asia Pacific's leading one-stop HR service provider, Talent Spot International Headquarters, Hong Kong Branch of China, and Singapore Branch, all moved into the new location, making good preparations for further deepening the Asian-Pacific layout, expanding the business coverage and carrying out in-depth participation in the planning of new global HR landscape in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Shanghai Headquarters of Talent Spot International

- The Shanghai Headquarters of Talent Spot International -

Group photo of staff in HK Office

- Group photo of staff in HK Office -

The outdoor scenery of HK Office

- The outdoor scenery of HK Office - 

The Singapore Office

- The Singapore Office -

The leisure area of Singapore Office

- The leisure area of Singapore Office -

Chary Zhu, CEO of Talent Spot International, introduced, "Founded in 2009, Talent Spot initially focused on outsourcing businesses; in 2010, its business scope expanded to recruitment and outsourcing; in 2013, it officially launched the Asian-Pacific layout; at present, Talent Spot has branches in 7 countries and regions in Asia Pacific and more than 40 cities in Mainland China and began its global journey in 2016; in recent years, Talent Spot has actively explored the crossover innovation ability of human resource services and launched the online HR management software — iHR, thus officially becoming a one-stop HR service company integrating online and offline businesses across the Asian-Pacific region." 

The overall relocation of Talent Spot International further integrated the advantages of talents and resources within the Group. In terms of the actual geographical locations, it is convenient for the business teams to carry out closer cooperation; moreover, the internal organizational structure and business process have also been adjusted and optimized to focus on our years-long experience in recruitment and management services, so as to break down the business barriers, serve the needs of talents in all walks of life from a more comprehensive, extensive and systematic business perspective, and enhance our business capacity in helping enterprises go global, explore new markets and conduct global talent management.

"With the gradual advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative, 'China Services' and 'Made in China' continue to attract attention worldwide; more and more Chinese enterprises will enter the global market, demonstrate China's strength and deeply participate in the process of global business pattern change." said Chary Zhu, "In the face of global competition, Chinese enterprises will find new opportunities and also face unprecedented challenges."

"HR employment and compliance" are two major challenges for enterprises to enter an unfamiliar market, thus often making many enterprises stagnate, mishandle, or even "stumble". By virtue of its years-long experience in the HR service industry, market accumulation from more than 2,000 clients, high-qualified consulting teams with over 300 members and global partners, Talent Spot International has had a deep research and understanding of the labor laws & regulations, and the situations of HR markets in different countries; moreover, it has integrated its own service advantages and developed a unique "one-stop service", thus becoming an effective service platform for Chinese enterprises to invest overseas.

"One-stop service provides end-to-end service for enterprises to solve the problems that the enterprise is not familiar with the overseas market and has no special management and recruitment team and also help the enterprise with its overseas investment, cost reduction, and risk control by market research, talent recruitment, multiple staffing modes, payroll service, online HR software, placement of foreign staff and other service contents, thus easily achieving global management." So far, Talent Spot International has helped a number of Chinese enterprises develop business overseas successfully and it won HRoot “Best HR Service Provider in Greater China" in 2018.

The new address of the Shanghai Headquarters of Talent Spot International: 

3/F, New Ideal Mansion, No. 1500, Zhongxing Road, Shanghai

The new address of the HK Office of Talent Spot International: 

Suite 2606, 26/F, Prosperity Millennia Plaza, 663 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

The new address of the Singapore Office of Talent Spot International: 

6, Raffles Quay, #16-01, Singapore 048580 

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