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The First Phase of the Internal Promotion Lottery for Business Opportunities Has Been Successfully Concluded

Business Opportunities Internal Promotion Lucky Draw – The First Phase Completed Successfully

New Biz's 2023 all-employee sales plan is in full swing~

Both the number of referrals and the success rate are constantly rising, and more and more partners are receiving referral rewards.

Therefore, in August this year, we launched a lucky draw with prizes within the business opportunities. Thank you for your active participation!

Recommended Politely

The first phase of the internal promotion lottery has successfully ended on the afternoon of September 28th. Let’s see which friends won the first prize~

First are the three partners who won the lucky prize:

Delicious Life Gift Card


Made in China

Other friends who did not win the grand prize also received Nuxe's personal care gifts and exclusive customized coasters. They are: Leo Song, Jenny Nie, Orson Zhai, Rock Shi, Perfect Qian, Ava He, Tiffany Xie, William Wang, Congratulations to them too~



Finally, I would like to remind all recommendation officers,

The internal promotion of business opportunities is in full swing. Our first phase of the lottery has ended successfully. The second phase of ING is also in progress. Look for the official channel: and act quickly. The next one is The recommended koi is you!

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