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4 Things to Consider When Recruiting Local Employees In China

Today, China is one of the largest and fierce markets in the globe. If you are thinking about expanding into China market, hiring employees for business operation is crucial. Therefore, this article is mainly for foreign companies entering the China market and about to hire local Chinese employees here. 


China is a huge market for candidates and job opportunities. By now local candidates have high paid salary and welfare with so many opportunities, which become very picky in their career choice. This situation is mostly in tier 1 cities, and it is less noticeable in smaller cities. To recruit qualified people with very good knowledge of Chinese culture and social codes, whether foreign or not, and for the most part young, it is important to show ingenuity and dynamism.

Before to Start Your Search for The Right Candidate You Should:

Identify your needs

What type of candidate you need

Your expectations and plans for your company in China.

How to Attract Chinese People in China

In China, we have certain "seasons" when people are looking for new job opportunities. Usually, the high peak is in the March-May period. For campus recruitment, it usually takes place in September - December period. At any time of the year, there is a big competition between companies to recruit the best talent in the market. To "win" the right talent you should consider issues like an attractive salary package, good bonus system, additional benefits, incentives, and attractive career development opportunity. However, there are more steps you can do, we have three following options for you to consider: 

Protect Your Image on Social Media

Digital marketing is a powerful tool in institutional communication. In this age of social media, your potential candidates are most likely digital natives with easy access to the various opinions and critiques of your company. A single negative comment can damage your reputation, which should be protected through an active presence on the social media networks most frequented by your target audience.

Attractive Extras

Pay is one of a potential employee’s main motivations, but limiting this to a high salary in order to attract the best candidates is a mistake. A variety of social advantages should be integrated into the remuneration package. One that includes different insurances, accommodation or relocation aid (especially for foreigners), paid holiday and the opportunity to work from home will help you attract young talent. In addition, this type of candidate is also motivated by the overall work environment and career opportunities your company can offer.

Innovate in recruitment

Your approach to recruitment impacts your image and, when innovative, can make your company more attractive. Here too, social media offers an alternative. An active presence on LinkedIn, for example, offers great visibility and the ability to facilitate applications via mobile. You can also carry out interviews remotely. Indeed, an increasing number of Chinese candidates express a desire to return to their country after studying abroad, so it is important to use the right technological infrastructure to recruit them.

Throughout the many years of operating in China, Talent Spot has developed a wide local network: an ideal recruitment pool. In addition, its recruitment strategy integrating innovative solutions is attractive to candidates.