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How to Navigate Hiring and Payroll with Global Employer of Record

Hiring and paying employees in multiple countries through a global employer of record is extremely efficient. It simply requires finding the right global employer of record with whom you can work quickly and skillfully when you are ready to hire in a foreign country or multiple countries.

Generally, the procedures for hiring abroad using a global employer of record include:

Agreeing on Terms

You can agree on specific terms and conditions with global employer of record service providers to meet your needs. Some global employer of record companies may have minimum or maximum employment requirements, so it's best to identify each element of the global employer of record service in advance to avoid hidden costs or restrictions. The right global employer of record service contract will include transparent pricing, service, and compliance standards.

Employee Onboarding

Work with the global employer of record of your choice to transfer or hire the right employees before onboarding expatriate staff. With the support of a global employer of record, you can ensure they are legally compliant and integrate effectively into your organization.

Compensation and Benefits Administration

A global employer of record manages payroll, benefits, and taxes on your behalf in your target countries, ensuring that your employees are paid accurately and on time every pay cycle.

Compliance Monitoring

Laws and regulations are constantly changing around the world. Therefore, a global employer of record will always monitor and ensure compliance with local labor laws, tax laws, and other legal requirements, allowing you to remain compliant at all times rather than being forced to pay for expensive additional local legal expertise.

Termination and Separation

Offshore-only employment services may not be sufficient for your global expansion strategy, and a global employer of record can help you with terminations and separations when necessary to ensure your compliance.

These steps remain the same when employing in multiple countries at the same time, meaning you don't have to set up a new company every time you want to try a new market. Talent Spot with professional HR advisors, expert at labor law/policies, in-house HR regulations design and draft, we will be your trustable HR partner in China.

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