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How Do Staffing Agency Work?

Hiring solution can be varied wide, have you ever think you business need short-term help or short staffed? If so, you must have considered using staffing company. So how do staffing agencies work — and how can you work most effectively with them? Here are five tips for maximizing your experience as a staffing agency client.

Engage a specialized staffing agency

When you work with a staffing agency, make sure they specialize in the type of staff you need. Non-specialized or generalist firms work with a broad variety of candidates, so finding someone with the exact skills and qualifications you need will be more difficult and take longer than if you work with a firm that's focused on your field.

Communication is key

Try to speak with a staffing manager directly rather than communicating only via email. He or she will ask you about your staffing requirements and the length of time you need extra staff.

Get ready, get set

Prepare your business and the office itself to accommodate a temporary professional. You can maximize the benefits of temporary staff to your company and your team by setting up in advance. Create a designated workspace, for example. If a computer or phone is necessary, make sure it is installed and functioning before the interim worker's first day. And once you've brought in your new temporary worker, make him feel part of the team.

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