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The Truth about RPO

What is RPO?

Recruitment process outsourcing is an outsourced solution in which a service provider manages a portion or all of a client’s permanent hire recruitment function. 

RPO is attracting a variety of employers with different needs. Cost savings, access to talent, enhanced quality of hires, process efficiencies, and workforce management support are all benefits that lead buyers to the contract table for the first time or for the second, third, and fourth time. As economies continue to strengthen and demand for talent increases, these drivers will become even more compelling. 

How it works

RPO, in its many forms, can solve an array of recruitment challenges. In the past, first-time buyers were motivated mostly by cost savings, but with competition for talent increasing and time-to-fill lengthening, new buyers see RPO more as a way to drive process efficiency and
to build and manage the talent pipeline. How does an RPO deliver these benefits? Under a comprehensive program, the service provider may deliver some or all of the following services: 

How it works

By adopting the best practices honed by RPO service providers during the past decade, buyers acquire talent in a consistent, scalable, and cost-effective way. 

Three tips for understanding how RPO program can address recruitment challenges

1. Determine why your talent needs are not being met. Is it an issue of quality, speed, efficiency, or cost? 

2. Survey internal stakeholders (hiring managers, business leaders, C-suite) for their input on talent forecasting and predicted workforce gaps. 

3. Prioritize the gaps to address and then consider how an RPO can drive greater business value and impact. 

RPO models

RPO can be a viable outsourced option for many recruitment needs. Scalable and flexible, RPO is typically contracted under one of the following models: 

1. comprehensive RPO

2. project RPO

3. selective RPO

4. recruiter on demand

5. blended or integrated talent solution 

It turns out that cost-effective is the main reason why more and more companies use RPO to achieve their low budget goal, especially for the SMEs. Talent Spot provide the RPO services and comprehensive HR solutions as well. Click Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services to get more info.

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