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How Can a Payroll Service Provider Helps a Company

A professional payroll agency which have expertise in China and which is also familiar with the legislation and requirements of different government authorities in different cities can help a Company to distribute the payment to the Social Security Fund and Housing Fund Bureau in different cities in China.

The Payroll Service Provider helps with carrying out the following services:

1. Open company social security account and public housing fund account with the local government bureaus to handle filing of social security fund and public housing fund

2. Social Security Fund and Housing Fund related process management for new hires and quit Employees

3. Monthly salary calculation and delivering

4. Employee's individual income tax calculation and deduction

5. Annual report for individual income tax

6. Online E-payslip

7. Monthly Social Security and Housing Fund calculation, deducting and contribution

8. Annual Social Security Insurance (e.g., disability insurance) calculation and contribution

9. Local policy maintenance and updating

How Talent Spot can be beneficial to your business

Talent Spot service can handle the complete employee benefits for your company in compliance with the local policies and also can take care of the visa for your company's expatriate employees. We can directly hire employees for a company not having a legal entity in China by our specialized Employee Leasing / Talent dispatching services.

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