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Contract Staffing Services Continue to Evolve in 2016

In years prior, contractors or temporary hires were typically viewed as less-than, low-wage workers. As business has evolved, so have perceptions about employment. Contract staffing continues to evolve to fill a different need. A workforce that was once busy filing papers endlessly is now finding important consultative and high-priority opportunities in companies big and small. In 2016, Talent Spot is going to tell you there are numerous benefits to contract staffing from the employer and employee standpoints.


Benefits for Employer

Employers benefit tremendously from staffing through contract in several situations. Consider the following:

Speed of Hire: Companies can hire more quickly without having to jump through the usual hoops of a full time employee. This is especially useful when times are incredibly busy.

Cost Effective: Without having to provide benefits or factor in full salaries, contractors can be less expensive.

Special Circumstances: Sometimes work is better outsourced, but working with another company is not preferred.

Employers are not the only ones to find contract staffing advantageous. In fact, it may be equally as beneficial for the potential employees.

Benefits for Employees

Job candidates who keep it flexible and work as a temporary employee or contract employee can enjoy the following advantages:

Speed of Hire: Looking for work can be stressful, and slipping effortlessly into new income is preferred.

Network building: Working for the same company for twenty years often means you know the same handful of people in the industry, who can vouch for your work.

Flexibility: Many contractors have more flexible hours and are free to pursue work from other (noncompeting) companies, if time allows.

Hiring a recruiting firm is the quickest way for companies to weed out those who are looking for something more flexible. Likewise, employees looking for temporary or contract work should seek out recruitment services to help disperse resumes to companies looking for that flexibility as well.

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