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6 Steps to Improving your Payroll

When a foreign company tries to enter a new country, it is very important for the company to be aware of the local laws and regulation especially when it comes to the payroll issues. Are you still in confused with the following challenges?

- Confused with new legislation, tired of researching salary and tax policy in various local governments? 

- Worried about the accuracy of data and quality control checkpoint for every step?

- Looking to reduce costs on software and training?

1. Increase Operating Efficiency – Outsourcing to the right provider will reduce your payroll errors and associated employee dissatisfaction. We offer a fully managed payroll solution so can offer wider support around your payroll function such as timesheet management systems. 

2. Save Money – Reduce the time spent on payroll internally to free up resources to support operational business activities. 

3. Peace of Mind – Remove the risk of single person dependency and enjoy support from trained payroll professionals. 

4. Reduce Risk – In Europe, you might be sick of hearing about GDPR (The general Protection Regulation) but we take security seriously. Access to our e-Payslips keeps your employee data secure. Encrypted data file transfer keeps the data we share securely.

5. Support from Real People – Keeping ahead of changing legislation is essential. But are you making the legislation work for your business? You will receive personal support so that we can get to understand your payroll and deal with specific client requirements.

6. Improved Management Information – Payroll has access to lots of data but are you making the most of it? We offer bespoke reports to our clients to allow tailored MI reporting. If you need reports on staff costs, absence levels we'll work with you to get the reports you need.

Talent Spot group is a one-stop HR solution firm with branches across China, Asia region including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, A.P.A.C area and Britain. We foreign companies and Chinese companies entering both China and Overseas market, get your free payroll solutions consultation at Talent Spot International. 

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